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A little about us:

Tasmania’s Paranormal Experiences page is for anyone to post pictures, write posts and essentially share their own unique experiences with the community. You can also send in anonymous footage, pictures or stories to post up on the page if you feel uneasy about sharing directly. Our goal is encourage others in the community to share and help others with their own inquires about the paranormal. Locals are encouraged to share their experiences but others from interstate and the wider global community are more than welcome to share! Feel free to contact us!

A little bit more about us:

Although we are a group ready to engage and hear about your paranormal experiences, we also go out around the state, investigating Tasmania’s most haunted locations. Our goal as a paranormal is similar to our community page. We as a paranormal team, produce episodes on our locations,  providing evidence to be interpreted by our viewers. Our hopes are that the evidence and investigations will inspire  people and spread awareness about the paranormal.

Ben, Sam, Stan and Harley. (From right to left).




Goals and Aims Extended

Tasmania’s Paranormal Experiences is about promoting discussion and interest in the paranormal, both locally and also internationally. We want you to join in via our discussions about the paranormal evidence posted, but also to join us on our investigations through live streaming! A first for any Tasmanian paranormal team. Besides discussing and exploring our own evidence and experiences, we’d love to hear your own experiences. So, feel free to contact us!

About Us: Our Personal Beginnings

We are a small team of four with lots of love and enthusiasm about investigating the paranormal. We have, in the past, all experienced strange events, from our adolescence up until adulthood. We all lived in the remote rural and forestry communities of Tasmania, seeing strange figures and lights while roaming the forests of the Derwent Valley and the ‘paddock plains’ of the Southern Midlands. Our fascination of the paranormal world only grew from those early years and continue to do so. Our initial success (First time we investigated) in mid 2016 with normal low definition cameras and amateurish paranormal equipment made us want to ‘upgrade’ in order to capture these anomalies and strange on goings all around Tasmania. And so, we present our team, determined to explore the world and nature of the paranormal.



‘Back to Bush Inn’ episode, 2017. Picture taken at the Bush Inn, New Norfolk.

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